GW v. Villanova

<p>I was just accepted at Villanova (Arts and Sciences) and I am waiting to hear from George Washington. These are my top two choices. Can you tell me more about GW? I am an art history major. I also wanted to know about the dorms, food and especially the night life/social life.</p>

<p>I too was just accepted at Villanova (Arts and Sciences), though I think I want to switch to VSB. Same problem for me. I heard we find out today from GW.</p>

<p>I also was accepted to Villanova's Arts and Science program and decided to attend GW. Villanova ultimately felt MUCH too conservative for me and their student population was very homogeneous. I think their reputation as "vanilla nova" is well founded. IMO dorms cannot compare to GW's. The ones that I viewed felt small and dingy. Beautiful campus though and right outside of Philly so night life is there if you seek it. I was also dissuaded from attending Villanova when I learned it is very difficult to transfer into the business school from arts and sciences. Since I was undecided whether I would continue as a Poli Sci major, I did not want to deal with this issue. I do not regret my decision, b/c in my sophomore year, I change to GWSB with little hassle. If rankings make a big difference to you, Villanova's business program is ranked much higher. However, it was "the overall fit" that mattered more to me. Further, specific specialties within GWSB rank very high, ie. Intern Business. Check out other posts on this board for more detailed info re: GW's nightlife, dorms, academics, etc.</p>

<p>So it was easier to switch into Business at GW huh? Well, that might make me lean towards GW, since the two are in somewhat of interchangeable positions for me at this point.</p>

<p>Tough Choice! 2 great schools, congrats!
The decision is really up to you, go where your instinct tells you! Good Luck</p>

<p>i’m at nova now, hoping to transfer to gw. the “homogenous” comment is spot on. VERY conservative, VERY close minded, i’m looking for a school with more diversity. VSB can’t be beat though.</p>

<p>It’s also known as Villa-No-Fun, sorry to say. Yes, you are close to the city by train but it’s a long walk to stores and restaurants nearby.<br>
Great education, though.</p>