<p>Hey All-</p>

<p>I am right now enrolled at the University of Alabama, but I want to transfer.
I hear Miami and Syracuse will take transfers for the Spring 2014 (mid year) so that I can still be a freshman at those schools. Is that true?</p>

<p>If I get at least a 3.7 in my courses, will I be able to be accepted into Miami or Syracuse as a mid year transfer? What about if I completed my Freshman year of college with a 3.8-3.9 with 30 credits. What would my chances be to get into Miami, Syracuse, GW or USC (Southern California)</p>

<p>Is there anyone that can tell me a little about these 3 schools and the differences between all? Maybe a suggestion of where I would belong best?</p>

<p>I'd like to be apart of Greek Life, I am very interested in a school with an active Greek Life. How are these schools when it comes to having sophomores rush? Do they keep a more open mind about it, or are some against sophomore PNMs and make it more difficult for them? </p>

<p>Im interested in:
Kappa Kappa Gamma (USC)
SDT (Syracuse and Miami)
AEPHi (GW)</p>

<p>I do love to party and am looking for a place that has fun night life and places where I can have great experiences. I am also very serious about my school work. I don't mind cold weather, in fact, I love it and love winter fashion. I love the Party Scene from Miami, USC because I love LA and it is a second home to me as I go every summer, and I like Syracuse due to their weather, area, student body, academics and sports, but I have heard that their social scene is not a big Hype. </p>

<p>I love DC and have heard GW is an amazing university. Education is top tier, but I heard night life is only so-so. I also heard that the student body that goes there is very sheltered and most come from very affluent families, especially if apart of Greek Life. I had a cousin that attended GW for her Freshman year and then became a transfer to USC. She said that the Girls were stuck up and had a lot of money, most of which blew their money on designer bags and mani pedis, she said the guys had a sort of "entitlement" to everything as well. She said she loves USC so much better and that it was the best decision she ever made. </p>

<p>My cousin and I although are nothing alike. I do enjoy the "finer" things in life and can get along perfectly and fit in with anyone, whether they come from money or not. </p>

<p>If I could have some more info on GW as well, that would be great!</p>