GW vs. Northeastern


Hi! I am currently an international student living abroad. NE was always my first choice, but after getting admitted into their NUbound program ED 2 (which left it to be non-binding), I felt hesitant, especially as I was then admitted into the George Washington University.

I honestly don’t know what to do. With Northeastern, I will be spending my year abroad in London (I am originally from the U.S., but at this point, I am pretty used to studying abroad now and I love Europe). However, I will not get that ‘typical college experience’, as I will be spending my freshman year abroad and THEN transferring to the Boston campus, but then most of us will be on co - ops at that point…

Nonetheless, I have only heard amazing thingss about the program thus far.

On the other hand, I already know many students going to GW. Although, I am not sure if it is as international as Northeastern. I will be getting that typical college experience, but I am still very hesitant on this decision as both options sound amazing.

Someone who knows about these schools, pls input ANY opinions or pros/cons. Thank you.

I am an NU parent and my S was also accepted to GW. Both have campuses in cities, which makes them somewhat not traditional college campuses to start. Both have great locations if you like cities. With GW the main campus is near the National Mall, which has a lot of grass surrounded by Smithsonian museums and monuments. GW has a Mount Vernon campus where some freshmen live. You would take a bus there but that may give you the more traditional campus feel you seem to want. One of the drawbacks in the past was no dining hall for students but GW is building one and I think it should be open this fall. Neither school has “rah rah” sports. Hockey is the big sport to cheer for at Northeastern and you can participate in intramural or club sports. I think many GW students are interested in politics given its location.

Co-op is one of the main reasons to attend NU over other schools. You would take a class to prepare you for it. Many students do co-ops in Boston so they can still use the gym, participate in clubs and campus events, see friends, etc. while on co-op. You don’t have to worry about exams or grades while you are on co-op. My son took trips with campus groups, i.e. skiing, hiking, etc. but there are a lot of clubs for different interests. NU is best for students who are somewhat independent. There are many opportunities but you need to be proactive in seeking them out.

NUBound is a pretty new program but you could ask NU if you can speak to a student to address your concerns. Good luck with your choice.

Thank you so much!

Is your S happy there currently?

What would you say some of the cons have been so far? Just need an honest opinion.

He is very happy there, academically and socially. He found the students to be very nice and friendly. He loves exploring Boston, City Bikes and baseball games at Fenway. A few cons were some dorm issues, but the school did address them. He had to be moved after a flood in his room. His first co-op was remote, which was a bummer. Hopefully by the time you get to co-op all will be in person. He earns money on co-op and we don’t pay tuition, so that’s great. Overall, it is not a typical college experience but the global programs and co-ops offer great opportunities. If you do NUBound there is a parent Facebook group your parents can join. I know with the NUin students, the parents say their children make good friends with the other students in their group while studying abroad. I think you will be fine socially.

I am very hesitant about any university program when a first year doesn’t start in the fall on the main campus (or the main area for all freshmen). That is often a crucial time for meeting people and building friendships that doesn’t happen as easily after a semester or year being elsewhere.

Due to that , I would personally go with GW.

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