GW Waitlist

<p>anyone received a call yet?</p>

<p>Still waiting</p>

<p>Never mind. They just called me an hour ago</p>


<p>anyone else hear anything? i thought the office of admissions say we will hear back mid may or first two weeks and its already may 12th...</p>

<p>So no one else has heard anything except for axbmoore?</p>

<p>they hit their class target of 2320 with a yield of 33% so odds are only a handfull (30-50) will be enrolling off the waitlist. that leaves maybe 150-200 acceptances?</p>

<p>Hi I just found out I got in
I am trying to decide between GW and IU bloomington... im into the honors college at IU with a merit scholarship so im not sure i should switch now</p>

<p>I got a call yesterday! I'm so excited...but now I have to choose between Lehigh and GW...eeep! It's going to be tough.</p>