GWU Class of 2025 Waitlist

thread for those of us who got waitlisted

waitlist rates for gw are not looking very good…

can you share what you’ve seen about them?

this is for like 2018 but

did you guys get a confirmation email yet for the waitlist?? and omg i saw that about the waitlist acceptance rates its insane

yes, i got the confirmation email! aah im trying not to get my hopes up


never got a confirmation email… my second semester grades are gonna be ass so pitt '25 I guess

legit same, it might be pitt '25 for me as well :rofl:

where else r u guys looking?

Temple, uconn, penn state


Did you guys get a link to accept your waitlist spot? Or do you know how to?

pitt, rutgers, umiami, northeastern

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i also got into uconn

scroll all the way down and look at the right of where it says next steps and there should be a link

im also looking at temple, howard, and penn state

fordham, american, waiting on a decision from nyu but i dont have high hopes, and waitlisted at BC so hoping for something good from that

I never got a confirmation email?


same :confused: