GWU ED 2 Class of 2025

Hey Guys,
I know some of us are excited/nervous for the results of the early decision 2 to come out for George Washington University. Here is a chat where we can all talk and discuss our admission results. I guess every can start by sharing which major they are applying for at the university. I will start:

Hey y’all,
I applied ED2 to GWU! I am not even qualified, however, it is worth a shot. I applied for Public Health as my first choice, and sociology as my second! I applied on Christmas day, if that even makes a difference. If y’all want, you can check out my chance me thread and leave feedback!

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Hi! I also applied ED2. I’m not very qualified either but I thought it’d be a fun thing to do.

I applied to be a history major. I was thinking that DC is the best place to study history and I visited the city and campus in Nov and I really liked it.

ED2 decisions come out soon! Good luck!

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Decision out today at 5 pm, super nervous and good luck to everyone!

heyyy! i also applied ED 2, I don’t really qualify either I dont think because I don’t really have leadership positions nor volunteer hours like that. Although I believe that my stats are good. Anyways good luck to all of you! I’m manifesting for all of us. <3

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how do we know that decisions come out today?

A guy who called the financial aid office confirmed it on reddit!


I got in!