gwu, nyu, and umich

Did anyone here apply and get accepted at these schools? Did anyone do ed? WHen I am a senior (currently junior) and when would be a good time to apply for umich-ann arbor?

<p>umich had rolling admissions - not ED. You can apply in August/September to Michigan and still apply ED someplace else. The earlier the better at Michigan.</p>

<p>cool thanks topcat</p>


<p>I am applying ED to GWU. NYU has ED too.</p>

<p>If you dont mind me asking...what are your stats?</p>


<p>Well, I don't really want to give myself away, so:</p>

<p>Ranked top 5%
28 ACT
Lots of ECs and good recs
Lots of hard classes(5 APs by graduation, an IB class, classes at a local college)</p>