GWU vs BU CS and Finance

How is the Finance and computer science programs at GWU compared to BU

I don’t know how many folks that frequent this forum can give you an accurate comparison unless they’ve applied to both school or know someone that went to each. However, I’m sure people can tell you how GW’s programs are overall :slight_smile:

As far as Finance, I would have to assume that it’s a great program considering the clout of our Business school. It’s not as popular as the Elliot School, but I personal know quite a few people that have gone to GW for their MBA and were quite happy with their education.

Computer Science is currently a ‘good’ program (I don’t know how else to describe it) but is on an upward trend last I heard. With the new Science and Engineering Hall and some fresh minds in the faculty there should be an increase in its rankings. The only first-hand knowledge I can give you is that the one CompSci class I took (an intro to programming course) was excellent.

Hope this helps!

got into both and chose GW, good luck