<p>Anyone else applied to GWU? I applied to the Elliott School of International Affairs, but I'm not sure I'll get in because I got a C in economics. >.< Has anyone applied to GWU, if so, what was your GPA, and intended major. Thanks.</p>

<p>hey, im applying to the college as a political science major. my grades arent spectacular either. im at 3.4 right now, im hoping thats enough to get me in</p>

<p>Yea, I have a 3.6 as of right now, and Economics is a big deal for IA majors. Not to mention the Elliott School is the hardest to get into.</p>

<p>"Not to mention the Elliott School is the hardest to get into."</p>

<p>is this fact published by GW? i am currently at GW and that's the first i've ever heard that.</p>

<p>Yes, an admission's staff member at GWU told me that - so yes, it's true.</p>

<p>I'd really like some more feeback. Bump...</p>

<p>I'm Elliot as well. My GPA is 3.96 at a CC. It's a long shot somewhat, but I have a host of experiences abroad, and speak German fluently so we shall see.</p>

<p>did anyone get the email saying results are posted online friday? yipes. not sure my chances are very good - it is one of my reaches. 3.0 gpa with reasonable gre (650Q/710V/4.0A) and competency in Russian. good luck to everyone. I don't think GW is considered the hardest to get into - see SAIS, KSG, WWS, etc.</p>

<p>Results posted on friday? Elaborate please...</p>