<p>Are the gym's usually packed?</p>

<p>I would also like to know the answer to this question</p>

<p>This is relevant to my interests</p>

<p>Meow. Me too.</p>

<p>When I visited the gym, there was LOONG, LOONG lines. It was soo goddamn packed with ppl, i despaired. :(</p>

<p>There were about 20 ppl in line to use the tennis court, which they gave them one hour per session, and at least five ppl waiting for each weight-lifting machine.</p>

<p>It was aweful. :( I would not want to go like this for the rest of my ucsb years. D:</p>



<p>JUST JOKIN' LOL. I'm just messin. . .no, i'd like to know the real answer to this question too.</p>

<p>I've visited twice and both times the gym didn't seem that crowded. It may have been because I went at slightly off peak times but I've heard that it isn't too bad even at busy times.</p>

<p>Depends on what time you go. For example it's mostly empty on weekends and Friday but it can be packed on peak times. Although Ive never actually seen lines.</p>

<p>Yes, they were packed when I went with my sister. She said it is normally like that.</p>

<p>its usually packed during the afternoons but really packed around 4 to almost closing time, the last hour usually people start to clear out. Friday and weekend nights are pretty empty compared with weekday night because people go out. And i guess thursday nights might be less people because people go to downtown for college night</p>

<p>question: are you referring to the rec center?</p>

<p>^Of course we are!</p>

<p>Back to the topic. . .</p>

<p>i was asking because whenever i have visited the rec center, it didnt seem that packed, just about average usage as any other gym...</p>

<p>hahah good this was scary me</p>

<p>I don't think its ever that bad, but I have had to wait on a particular weights thing every once in a while (bench or squats or something). Its never been more than a few minute wait though.</p>