H&SS Majors & Admissions

<p>Which majors are harder to get into? and also which programs at H&SS are the strongest? would applying undecided be a bad idea</p>

<p>the CMU website states the admissions criteria for each school, in terms of high school classes, but are those a rough guideline, or requirements? the 6 electives part primarily</p>

<p>The best programs in H&SS are Economics, Cognitive Psyc., and Creative Writing. The economics program is actually a joint program between Tepper and H&SS and once you declare it you are also a Tepper student. But you apply to econ through H&SS. I believe that the admissions website is a rough guideline.</p>

<p>cool people go IS!</p>

<p>I'd say Econ and IS are the best.</p>