Haas '13 Admit- Is taking UGBA103(Finance) suicide if I don't take UGBA101A before?

<p>I signed up for UGBA 103 but havent taken a UGBA101A (Microecon class yet, except for Econ 1. I know it says on the schedule of classes that 101A is a prereq to 103 but people adviced that I take Finance my first semester. Im an incoming ,non transfer, Junior Haas student btw if that makes a difference. Thanks!</p>

<p>what was their reasoning behind taking 103 ur first semester? if you’re not “focusing” on finance-related areas, i think you should just go for 101A first.</p>

<p>that being said, it’s hard to imagine any ugba class being suicide. </p>

<p>also, 101a has very…VERY little to do with 103. so go ahead, should be breezy</p>

<p>is there a chance that they’ll kick you out since you didn’t complete their pre-req?</p>

<p>I’m planning on doing it.</p>

<p>Edit: Well, I was wait-listed when I first signed up and then I think Barbara moved me into the class manually. So if she did move me in manually then if she were to check for pre-reqs she would’ve done it right there.</p>

<p>^ i wonder if they check prereqs for 131, etc… effectively “skipping” multiple tiers of prereqs.</p>