Haas March Notification For Transfers??

<p>I have heard that transfers applying to Haas hear in March whether they are in the top 200 applicant pool. Can anyone confirm this?</p>


<p>huh.... says who</p>

<p>Well that would be awesome if we did hear that much. You guys are aware that there were 1800 transfer applicants to Haas this year, right? Heard that via a friend who talked with admissions yesterday.</p>

<p>1800? oh gawd</p>

<p>is admission rate gonna be smth like 5% this year? =/
yikes what are my chances LOL probability is telling me not so good</p>

<p>there must be 1800 applicants but not all of them are eligible.</p>

<p>last year 1314 applied... only 443 were eligible... but 96 offered admission.</p>

<p>21.67% acceptance rate</p>


<p>that's higher than busecon / econ at LA</p>

<p>I remember seeing a statistic like that as well, published by Berkeley.</p>

<p>but don't forget.... even if 96 were offered admission,
some were internal transfers
and 10% were from 4 year college transfers
last year transfer GPA average was 3.87? year before was 3.92
if u kinda crunch the numbers assuming that 4 year colleges have lower gpa and then putting them as 10% of the pool of the 96
we can assume that CC transfers the year before had an average of probably 3.95 and above and last year probably 3.92 and above
poppin lol even if thats higher than econ at LA
the facts that i know don't make me feel safe</p>

<p>and then again let me remind u that every major has people who apply without completing prereqs....
same goes for econ, and any other competitive major out there... if LA published how many were not eligible, econ at LA would be higher, thats atleast what common sense tells me</p>