Haas pre-req

<p>I checked the Haas website this morning and found that they've changed the requirement for undergrad admission. It says "<i>Applicants will be required to take 2 semesters of calculus. UC Berkeley students will be required to take (Math 16A and 16B or Math 1A and Math 1B)</i>." So does it mean even if I have a 5 in Calc-AB, I can't use my AP credit to waive Math 1A and I need to retake it?</p>

<p>I've heard that Math 1B is really hard. So can I take Calc in community college after I enrolled in Berkeley and transfer those credit to fulfill my pre-reqs?</p>

<p>Probably can but I wouldn't recommend taking a pre-req. at a CC.</p>

<p>why not just take the 16 series? its not that bad to take calc 1 and 2 over again in the 16 series because they are a gpa booster and a high gpa is necessary for haas.</p>

<p>Sorry for asking, but why?</p>

because i'm thinking of double majoring in stats, which require the 1 series.</p>

<p>so do you recommend taking easy courses in my first 2 years in order to get a high gpa?</p>

<p>I'm am not sure but what advisers have told me to take pre-requisites on campus. I think it has to do with the rigor of the class. 9 times out of 10, the class here is harder than the equivalent on a CC campus.</p>

<p>Right now I'm looking at econ/stats/business. I'm not sure if I'll end up have a second major in business or stats, but the math pre-req for econ/business (1 or 16 series) & stats (1 series) are different. So I'm just wondering if I should take 16 series just to have a higher GPA for Haas, or to take the 1 series just to save time in case I decided to major in stats.</p>

<p>you should probably take the 1 series in that case. if your serious about stats then 1b should be the least of your worries. the stats classes get harder after 1b.</p>