Had Anyone applied for Spring semester transfer? then again for fall?

<p>Has anyone applied for Spring semester transfer, got rejected , and applying again for this fall semester?</p>

<p>I was going to do this, but I heard admission officer "NEVER" selects anyone who got rejected from the previous semseter, is it true?</p>

<p>on top of it, I guess i haven't seen anyone who got accepted in same year but different term.....</p>

<p>Do you think it's worth it to re-apply not electronically, but paper form this time?? I feel like its too late. DO you know anyone who got accepted in the different term but same year? ThX</p>

<p>do it! im doing it.
because I have to admit that my essays and everything about my application for last semester was horrible. i didn't do my research within the schools and if i was on the decision commitee, i would've rejected an applicant like me too. but i've learned from my mistakes, and took the proper measures to show what i'm capable of.
plus, wouldn't they reconsider an applicant who is reapplying because it proves how much they want to go to Cornell? idk. just a thought. it doesnt hurt trying</p>