Had bad first semester Sophmore highschool

<p>So freshman year I got all A's and one B in geometry both semesters in IB classes. So my GPA is a 4.57. I transfered schools when I moved so it was very hard on me to make new friends and get used to the school.so right now I have 3 B's in algebra 2, chem, and design but I might get the grade up. The rest our all A's and and their IB classes with exception for P.E.. So I might get 3 B's this semester. Will this ruin my chances into get into UCLA, University of Washington, John Hopkins, and my dream school Columbia?also should they notice I am a good student who doesn't take B's if I have all A's and one B in algebra 2 because I hate math.</p>

<p>No, one poor semester is unlikely to “ruin” your opportunity to attend those schools – obviously, however, it will decrease your probability of selection – IF your remaining four germane semesters are stellar. Your solution is simple, stop searching for excuses (e.g., hard to make new friends and to become adjusted to a new school) and preform academically at the levels these excellent universities require. I don’t mean to be unduly harsh, but you’re in the process of joining a tough, unforgiving world . . . and admission to universities with appreciable stature is intensely competitive. </p>

<p>@TopTier‌ Very well said
@Chrisfults123‌ Work hard and make up for the Bs. I had 3 Bs in grade 9 (freshman year at high school in US). Got that down to 1 then none. I was accepted to Johns Hopkins. So don’t stop worrying about it. Keep going and do better.
Good Luck!</p>