Hadden Scholarship

<p>This is the weirdiest in terms of procedures so I think they are looking for detrmination more than anything else...LOL</p>

<p>Anyone else here apply?</p>

<p>Only up to 20 awards but worth $16,000 a piece</p>

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<p>Well, got letter today...
DD did not get this :(
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<p>Hey, I applied for this scholarship, and you are right, it does have very weird / complicated procedures! If you don't mind my asking, what state do you live in? I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm hoping I will get news in the next week... what did your letter say?</p>

<p>We are in SC and if I find the letter I'll type it in for you...
I hope not hearing yet is a good thing for you :)
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<p>S won this a few years ago. Great scholarship! Looking back, the notification email was sent in early June, but I think we also got a phone call just before the email.</p>

<p>D has applied for this year.</p>

<p>Hm... Well I am in TX so a rejection letter could have been delayed. If winner emails are sent out late May to early June do you think there is a slow elimination process or they just send rejection letters early?</p>

<p>@getalifemom did your Son have to do a phone interview? I think I saw on one of the papers that it "might be required" of semis or finalists...</p>

<p>Also... Did you send a SASE ?
It was optional if you want to be notified of process...</p>

<p>S did not have a phone interview. Both S & D sent SASE with each submission. S never received anything back in last envelope.</p>

<p>He did get an email in mid-May telling him he was being given close consideration for one of the scholarships. He had to provide financial aid and other outside scholarship information and give his college's FA office permission to speak with their scholarship committee.</p>

<p>He got an email on about June 10th saying he'd won a scholarship. In between there was a phone call also asking for more financial information - I think to do with his financial aid package to make sure he'd benefit from the scholarship - i.e. didn't reduce FA. He had a significant gap, so FA was not affected and scholarship really helped.</p>

<p>He got a letter in July (not using SASE) which verified the previous email. I think it also had a Hadden newsletter in it.</p>

<p>According to the 2010 newletter:
c/o 2010 - 25 scholars
c/o 2011 - 21
c/o 2012 - 31
c/o 2013 - 15
c/o 2014 - 19
c/o 2015 - ?? the big question :)</p>

<p>@getalifemom Thanks for the info!!!</p>

<p>Well... I sent a SASE with my application, so I will see. Nothing in the mail today. I will take no news as good news at this point. My dad is the sole income in our family with an adjusted gross income under $30,000 and 6 dependents. My older sister is in college fulltime too. Even with academic money from the college, a full Pell Grant, and optimistically winning the 2 scholarships I am semifinalist for, I still have a $10,000 shortfall, so I think I should be okay if they ask about other scholarships received.</p>

<p>Crossing my fingers!</p>

<p>So has anyone heard anything?</p>

<p>We were informed NO back in March</p>

<p>Well still nothing. Which is good news. Just a few more weeks and I'll probably hear yes or no!</p>

<p>I GOT NOTIFIED!!! I have to send in more information about what I've received so far from scholarships. The college has to send in my aid package and the costs of attending. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I guess this is the semifinalist stage.</p>