Hagan Scholarship 2018

My son was awarded a Hagan Scholarship this year and his first workshop is coming up. I was wondering if the parents are supposed to go to the workshop. His email said the parents could ask questions during registration but then it seemed like that was it. We live in Missouri but I didn’t want to go with my son if that’s all the parents get to do. Don’t want to have to find something else to do till 5:30pm when the workshop is over. Thanks for any information

Hello all! This is an old thread, but I have a question for those who applied. If you made it to the finalist round, did you include those direction sheets for the essays along with the essays themselves in your submitted application PDF? I hope I can receive a reply. Thank you! I’m worried because I didn’t include them. :frowning:

My daughters just received the Hagan scholarship. Is the formula of scholarship amount listed on the website what your son actually received. I’m so anxious as my daughters will be attending a school that we can’t afford if the payout isn’t what they state on website.

I am also anxious about the amount of the scholarship. If I try to use the calculation, it ends up negative…

Hi! What ever happened with your scholarship? My daughter received it, but I am pretty confused as to how much it will end up being…I am not sure how to do the math (as you stated, do i subtract the semester value from 1/2 COA or ??) Any clarification you can provide from your experience will be awesome!

This is what I’m using. I did email Hagan Scholarship Foundation and they referenced the formula on website as accurate.

This formula, despite COA and aid amount, always brings our family contribution down to our EFC. The scholarship award just changes depending upon amount of aid awarded per semester, so some semesters your student will get a bigger payout from Hagan, sometimes it will be smaller. Also, if there is leftover amount at time of graduation from college, that money can carry into grad program. Of course, I’m speaking without experience, this is just from researching it. I did reach out to a local recipient and she said her award has been close to the estimated amount, but usually small because it disburses so late after all other aid is in. I think on Website it says disbursements are in November and April. Oh, and maximum payout is $12,000.