Hagan Scholarship 2018

Has anyone heard anything back from the Hagan scholarship? Their website says scholarships will be awarded mid-April, while all finalists will be notified in late April. Does that mean if you got it you’ll be notified soon, and if you didn’t you’ll be notified later?

Emails just got sent out, and I got it! Would highly recommend this scholarship to any juniors who might be looking around for future ones - just make sure you fit the criteria. Anyone who gets the scholarship gets up to $40,000, and they gave out 350 this year I think.

My daughter received the news she got the Hagan scholarship, but they will not tell her how much she will be awarded or give her university the funds until after the semester has already started. So I have to take out a student loan for her remainder due and pray the scholarship is enough to pay it back. Also, I have to pay almost $500 to fly her alone to Missouri and put her up in a hotel for two nights (another $200) to attend a required one day conference in July in order for her to get the scholarship. They will reimburse me, but not until August. This scholarship is supposed to be based on need, but they are requiring this financially strapped single-parent family to come up with over $700 for a mandatory one-day event…and won’t even tell us how much they are awarding her. Don’t bother asking the Hagan Scholarship Foundation either. They will only reply with “all the information is clearly stated on the description page of the foundation’s website” and their replies are not friendly.

Hi, we are looking to apply for this scholarship. Did it benefit your daughter? Were you reimbursed travel fees? Did they send the University the scholarship funds?

My daughter was awarded the scholarship in 2018. She is currently waiting for her scholarship funds for fall semester. What we have learned about the scholarship. When you apply, do everything correctly. They are very serious on reading their web site and doing things correctly. There is a mandatory one day conference once a year. As you have read above, you have to pay everything upfront to get your child to the conference. With flights, my daughter would have had to stay for 2 nights. They only pay for 1 night lodging. I was concerned with her staying there alone so we decided to take a very long road family road trip. It does take until August to get reimbursed. My daughter enjoyed the conference and came home with $1,000 gift card for Amazon. She used this money to purchase a computer and college essentials. Hagans requires her to account for where the $1000 was spent. She meet some girls in our local area and next year they will fly out all together and share a hotel room and transportation costs. It will be much more feasible. I’m not sure how the funds are dispersed since we are still waiting for the first payment. My daughter had to take out a student loan and plans to pay it off as soon as she gets the funds. Hagans has been in contact with my daughter and as far as I know she has an understanding of what that dispersment will be. This is a great scholarship. There is a few things to remember. You have to pay for the conferences upfront, your child will need to take out a loan if needed at the beginning of each semester, and you have to play by their rules at all times.

Did news ever come back?

Has anyone heard back from Hagan ? As far as notifying finalist of award?

I haven’t heard anything yet, and trust me I’ve been checking every day. Hopefully, it’ll be announced in the next few days.

I’ve also been checking everyday. Last year, it looks like finalists were notified the 23rd of April. It could be any day now.

The Hagan Website’s Timeline changed from step five to step six, so hopefully, they’ll let us know soon!

Let me know when you hear back! I hope it’s soon.

I am also waiting to hear!! Hopefully it will be by the 23rd, I hope everyone posts when they are notified.

Emails were sent out this morning!!! Did anyone else get it??

I just received the email congratulating my daughter!!
Great job and good luck to the rest of you all too.

I received it today too! Does anyone know how to look to see how much you have been awarded?

I was a finalist but have not received an email. What does that mean?

I received the email today that I have been awarded a Hagan Scholarship! This was very exciting until I realized that the mandatory workshop in Missouri in early July occurs when I am supposed to be in Alaska with my grandparents… While I am willing to sacrifice the (only partially-refundable) trip for the scholarship, I would like an idea of how much money I would be awarded. The Hagan Scholarship website says up to $6,000 per semester can be awarded, and the award letter describes the process of determining the amount awarded as follows:

“The scholarship disbursement amount will be determined each semester by HSF by using one-half the prior year total Total Cost of Attendance…for the recipient’s college or university less $1,250; then subtracting the dollar amount of ALL scholarships, awards, grants, and tution waivers received by the recipient, and one-half of recipient’s EFC.”

The school I am attending has provided me with enough grants and scholarships to cover much more than half of the Total Cost of Attendance (Cost of Attendance - $64,000; Total Gift Aid - $52,000; Net Cost - $12,000)… Following their process, I end up with around -$20,000. Do you think my award amount would be $0? If so, I will just go on my trip and forget about the Hagan Scholarship - Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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Edit: I realize now that they probably want scholarships for a semester since they want half of the cost for a year. So that would be $32,000 - $26,000 - $1,250 = $4,750. So is there a way to confirm this number with them? And also would I get no money if I don’t attend the workshop?

I have not received an email either. Congrats to everyone that has though!

I think you must attend the workshop to receive the scholarship. Also, I think you’ll need to subtract 1/2 your EFC from the $4750.