Hair dryer brush thing

I have the Revlon. I find it too heavy to use.

I have very thick hair. I tried the Conair one today. Let’s just say that I gave it a fair chance, but an hour after starting, I put it down. I got my hair dryer out and used my flat iron. Worked like a charm.


I have long, very thick, curly hair and use the Revlon one. It works better if my hair is towel dried really well. I use Brazilian blowout straightening balm with heat protectant. It leaves it really soft and smooth; I haven’t had to use my straightener since I bought it. I even bought a backup one in case it dies :joy:


I have shoulder length hair that is super thick, wavy and prone to frizz. The Revlon works wonders. I can get a salon-quality blowout in about 20 minutes. The trick for me is to let my hair air-dry to about 60% dry before starting. I use heat protectant, blow it out and finish with a drop of anti-friz serum.


It takes my hair about two or more hours to dry to 60%. I think I’ll stick to my current routine. Wash hair before bed…towel dry. Go to sleep. Flat iron in the morning (which takes me less than 10 minutes). No hair dryer at all.

Maybe my daughter will want the Conair thing.


I had the Revlon one, and my hair looked fabulous, but it started making a high pitched noise after about 10 months. I ended up replacing it with another brand - Amazon had this one on sale so it was less expensive than the Revlon. I usually air dry or partially blow dry my hair on medium heat first and then finish up with the styler to limit the amount of heat exposure.

My D has very thick, long curly hair and she has a Revlon and likes it. She wears her hair curly most of the time but straightens it occasionally.

My current model: Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold…

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I couldn’t work with the Conair brush at all. I’m just a klutz–my hair would get tangled up all the time and it was just frustrating me. I have shoulder-length hair that’s thick and immediately goes to frizz if I air dry it. I still use a flat iron and a dryer. I did get a really good dryer that cuts drying time. My D bought me one for Christmas. The dryer is a Harry Josh. (It’s pricey, but worth it IMO.)

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This was hard to find locally (Red barrel/3 +speeds). I used it today and loved the cut in heating time! I only used the medium setting. It left my hair really soft. (Oh, and I noticed less breakage of hair all over my white sink!)

The Costco-s have the original one (pink, large barrel) for ~$45.
The CVS also has the original.
I had to find this one at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 25% coupon. I bought two because I wanted to give one to my eldest but now, I think I’m going to go back and buy another one for my other daughter. Both have thick, coarse, long hair.
So far, I’m loving it!


The Revlon One Step Volumizer is currently on sale at Costco for $30. I don’t know if there are different models, but I bought one for DD, based on everyone’s recommendation. Thanks all!


I’ll have to give this a try!

Also have to recommend 2 inch hot rollers (link below). Have been using for about 2 years - I let my below shoulder-length hair air dry, then use these. Looks like a blow-out and takes all of 5-10 minutes. I’ve never been able to give myself a blow out (coordination issues) but rollers are super easy.

I just ordered the Revlon hair thing from Costco. Today is the last day for $15 off, so it’s 34.99.
May be similar price elsewhere, but Costco has very easy returns if you don’t like something.
ETA - it’s 49.99 at Amazon.

I have been using this tool from Costco for over a month now. I wash my hair at night and dry it. I was very skeptical that anything would change things from the mess I usually had in the mornings. In our dry climate- it made all the difference in the world. I have very fine thin hair. I used the tool even on high (impatient to go to bed) and my hair is very well tamed and nice in the morning. I’m impressed.