<p>I need to get a haircut sometime within the next week or two and I don't know where to go. Any recommendations for good barber shops around here?</p>

<p>yelp kathys barber shop in koreatown</p>

<p>if you like asian hair salons i would recommend kim sun young</p>

<p>[Kim</a> Sun Young Beauty Salon / Los Angeles](<a href=“]Kim”></p>

<p>haircuts are usually around $20 plus ~$3 tip.</p>

<p>Lol seriously? That’s really expensive. Is there any place where I can get a normal, short cut? I’m a guy so I don’t need anything fancy at all lol.</p>

<p>the place i said is $10 and she shaves ur neck/behind ear with straight blade too lol
she is gr8 with doing fades</p>

<p>Supercuts is right across the street from USC and I get nice haircuts there. $14.99 + tip.</p>

<p>Go north up Vermont and you’ll see a bunch on the right side of the road, just pick one.</p>

<p>how do you get to korea town? do you need someone to drive you there?</p>

<p>[Bolt</a> Barbers - Downtown - Los Angeles, CA](<a href=“]Bolt”></p>

<p>25% off trojan tuesdays.</p>

<p>@ripemango: take any bus going north on vermont and get off at olympic-ish. koreatown stretches really far west from there so you may need to transfer to get to other places.</p>

<p>there are plenty of places to eat around olympic/vermont though.</p>