Half-Semester Undergrad Freshman/ Applied for Georgia State University

As a freshman I only have half a semester under my belt and it did not go well at all. The university I previously attended was very late on things and unorganized (Morgan State). Long story short I was officially enrolled so late into the semester that the week of being enrolled I had 3 midterms, yeah 7 weeks deep. I was a priority walk-on for the football team and the coach/recruiter promised a lower tuition, he stated I only needed to get my financial aid and that’ll be it for my financial worries but his promises were in vain. So the school wanted me to give money that I thought I won’t even need. It was hassle finding the right loan and a co-signer for the loan but got it done. Finished that half-semester with a 0.58 and I was wondering if there could be an exception for GSU to accept me. I applied for the summer semester. Is there a chance they’ll accept me into Georgia State University?
High School
GPA:UW 3.06, W: 3.4
ACT: Math 17, English 15, Reading 23, Science 16, Writing 21

Right now, just by looking at your GPA, transferring to GSU is not possible.

Have you considered continuing your education at a community college? Tuition will be cheap(er), and you’ll be able to boost your GPA to at least GSU’s cutoff (2.5).

You need to find out if you qualify to apply as a freshman applicant because you don’t even have a full semester of credits. If that proves to be the case, they will look much harder at your high school grades than at your grades from Morgan State.

Do you have a relationship with the coaches at GSU? Are you planning to join that team? The coaches might be able to help with the admissions process.

If you are ever in a delayed enrollment situation again, make certain that you attend all of the classes, and do all of the homework and projects as though you actually were enrolled. That way you won’t be hit with surprise mid-terms. Also, never, ever, ever start college again without the money completely lined up. Don’t take anyone’s word. Get everything in writing. You are lucky you could find a co-signer this time, but don’t make that a habit. Look for places you can afford without having to take out private loans.