Halloween Horror Story

<p>I knew this kid who went to my school who had a 1600 and a 3.8 GPA, he took all of the toughest courses available. He was in the chess club, math team and bowling team. He applied to all of the top schools-Harvey Mudd, MIT, Stanford etc. He didn't get into anyone of them. Now he goes to the University of Washington. This could happen to you......</p>

<p>HoooooooooooooHaHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he got rejected because he was on the chess team.</p>

<p>i saw a really scary holloween costume today: a kid dressed up as a pop-up ad that wouldn't close!</p>

<p>and to relate that to college, this kid did get accepted to Harvard.</p>

<p>are u serious. thats the funniest costume idea i've heard lol</p>

<p>I've heard of a girl who put a table on hear head and glued a lamp to it. She was a one-night stand for Halloween.</p>

<p>For Halloween, I had multiple personality disorder, and every half hour, changed/ and or took out different props, and became one of my friends for that half hour</p>