Hamilton College- Chance me

<p>So I'm in love with Hamilton College. My Great-grandpa, grandpa, great-uncle, both aunts, and mom have all gone there.
I'm a junior and I am planning on applying early. I'm extremely involved but I'm wondering if my grades are up to par.
- field hockey (JV/Varsity--2nd in state)
- travel soccer team
- 4 shows in theater a year
- Acting classes
- Voice lessons
- President of A Cappella group
- Violin ( 7 years )
- Treasurer of Tri-Music Honors Society
- President of Animal Club
- Student Government representative
- Editor for Student paper
- Church
- Deacon
- (father is pastor)
- Youth group leader/ active in church community
- GPA: 3.5 (very competitive high school)
- SATs (as of now--will change!): 680 W/ 500 CR/ 570 M</p>

<p><em>Please lend me your advice about what I should do/ if I have a chance. I am in love with this school</em></p>