Hamilton College: political leanings and Japanese

<p>What would you say the ratio of Republicans to Democrats to Greens to supporters of other political parties is at Hamilton? Are people active in politics? </p>

<p>Does Hamilton give many courses of Japanese for their Asian Studies or East Asian Languages and Literature majors? If so, are they good? Are there many people who can get together and talk together in Japanese?</p>

<p>The student body at Hamilton seems to be evenly divided amongst Republicans and Democrats, although there are a few supporters of Nader. Everyone is not active in politics, but people do voice their opinions and watch the political debates. Not many Green supporters, but there are a few around. </p>

<p>I hear the Japanese department is really good. Lots of students are taking Japanese courses and really show interest. I've seen many Chinese people take a Japanese class and argue that learning Japanese is very tough, but fun. Lots of them study together in groups. It's cool.</p>