Hamilton vs. Vassar [waitlist admit, more expensive] decision

The OP much prefers Vassar and the cost is now equal. Is there a table somewhere that looks at the value of student happiness because that’s apparently the key value here!!!


I will share my daughter’s impressions in case both schools are still in active consideration. After her visit to Hamilton, she preferred it to the close to 20 colleges she had seen previously, which included Vassar. Hamilton impressed her in several ways, such as through its tour guide and interviewer. Moreover, as might have been guessed by her interest in visual art, appealing aesthetics were essential to her, and this was another area in which she rated Hamilton at the top.


It seems OP has decided.

If it’s affordable, it’s really down to how a student feels on campus. My kid didn’t like Hamilton but liked Vassar. It was too close to home, or she might have applied. Different strokes for different folks.


Various sites have tried to approach this question, but the methods tend to be indirect or overly simplified. This is a recent example:

This Forbes site considered alumni:

Yes ,Am aware of these lists, but the comment was tongue in cheek!


You can’t “kid around” when it comes to citing magazine articles on this forum. :laughing: If it were up to me, I would prefer people just give their opinions without all the citations.


Well now that Vassar stepped up to the plate and matched Hamilton… if you prefer Vassar, go to Vassar.

Before committing, though, I would at least check courses/curriculum to ensure academic fit. Enjoying the vibe of a place is all well and good, but if they don’t offer majors/courses you want, that would be a worthy obstacle.



I see you left the tags on. Returning it??

They just arrived. Quick response by the college store! (And note to those unfamiliar—- several years after the school went coed, they shifted the school colors from pink and gray to maroon and gray. But some of us lot timers want the original, so I snared the tshirt from the store as well. The color is off in the photo but the tshirt letters are pink)

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Was teasing. I seem to get my Syracuse stuff from kohls.com. They have lots of merch for lots of colleges for cheap. Maybe not legit but good enough.

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I think a lot of people would have a preference for one over the other. Mine did.


Too bad they don’t sell college merchandise for schools without big sports teams.


I’d understood that. However, since the essential assumption of your comment (regarding comparative happiness) relied on conjecture, I replied anyway, using less opinionated sources.

It wasn’t based on conjecture. The OP clearly stated they prefer Vassar. Lets please now stay on topic.


Congratulations. Closing thread