Hamilton World Politics/Government Program

<p>As a prospective Hamilton student, I was wondering how strong the government/world politics program is at the college. I like the school a lot, but the strength of this program, which is my intended major, is really going to be the deciding factor as to whether I apply or not. The professors seem very highly qualified, and Hamilton is clearly a quality school, but any opinions or additional facts would be very helpful.</p>

<p>hmm well I've heard good things but then you would probably want to hear this from a student...</p>

<p>The government major at Hamilton is among the most popular, and there is a wide range of classes offered every semester. My government classes have been the most interesting by far. The two professors I had were both incredible. I took one for two classes freshman year and I still quote him to people (just finished my second year). The other was fascinating and had a lot of experience. I've also listened to a couple of the ambassadors on the faculty talk, which has been really interesting. I have yet to take world politics courses but I know they are popular.</p>