Hampshire academics.

I’m looking at colleges and ive seen Hampshire recommended for a small college with a good linguistics program. Is the program strong? Would I have opportunities? Also, what is the music program like? I play bassoon so id like to be able to study that as well, but it doesn’t seem like they would have many chances for a bassoon to play music.

I haven’t applied anywhere yet I’m just doing research.


Hampshire’s neuro-linguistics program in the school of Critical Social Inquiry (CSI) is one of the BEST in the country at a small liberal arts college. The Music program at Hampshire is top-notch also, and I played Piano, and my mod-mate (sorry, Hampshire speak for on-campus apartment roommates). He played trumpet, and I usually played Piano for my own enjoyment (or as an accompanist for musical theater and auditions) as I was in the Theater & Film (Hampshire’s two BEST programs academically) programs. However, my mod-mate played Trumpet in Hampshire’s jazz ensemble (I also sang in the Hampshire College Chorus). As a bassoonist, you have more options than you realize: there are four other schools in the consortium, and ALL of them have excellent music programs as well. Much as I found the students pretentious and snooty, and the college itself is REALLY traditional & preppy, Amherst has an EXCELLENT music program. I had a friend at Hampshire also who was a Cellist, and she played in BOTH the Amherst & UMass Symphony orchestras. You have options. Any more Hamp questions? I’ll answer them. Cheers.


Meant to include that link in my last comment, sorry. UMass/Amherst apparently also has a world-famous Linguistics Department, which means you would have a TON of opportunities. UMass/Amherst is the best large research university in Massachusetts (after Harvard) and has many strong programs, and you can attend classes there for free as a Hampshire student.