Hampshire Accreditation Decision Pushed Back

"A decision on whether Hampshire College will be placed on probation or lose accreditation will wait until November, because the regional accreditor for the New England states decided it doesn’t yet have enough information to make a determination.

The New England Commission of Higher Education decided to issue a public notation stating that Hampshire, a private college in Massachusetts, is in danger of not meeting standards on institutional resources and on organization and governance. A notation signals that the college’s accreditation could be pulled if its current state continues or grows worse." …


Hampshire Interim President, Ken Rosenthal, sent out a message today, describing future plans, including addressing re-accreditation issues:

"…The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) wrote to the College Friday, detailing its expectations that Hampshire make significant progress strengthening areas of our organization, governance, and institutional resources by November (see link to the letter below). We remain fully accredited today and we’re confident we have the vision, plans, and time to continue to secure the College this year. We were already aware of areas of need and have been working to address them this spring, and we’ve made great progress:

Hiring a new president: Our Presidential Search Committee reports we have attracted excellent, highly qualified candidates. The committee has narrowed the field, with the goal of naming a new president this summer. Read the Committee’s latest weekly update here (https://www.hampshire.edu/news/2019/06/19/presidential-search-update-june-19-2019).

Planning to rebuild enrollment: We plan to actively recruit students to apply for the fall 2020 class. As we work to secure and strengthen the college’s future this year, we’re confident we will demonstrate our capacity to graduate a new class…"