Hampshire Campus Visit Day

<p>on February 21--</p>

<p>Not the same as the Admitted Students Days later in the spring, but looks interesting for the chance to attend classes and meet faculty and students. D1 is interested in attending. Anyone else?</p>

<p>Depends if she gets admitted just before (EA - Feb. 15 notification). She's got too many to look at to leave them all for April and Feb. 21 is during her winter break so it might be the way to go.</p>

<p>D applied regular decision so won't know for a while if she's in or not--</p>

<p>Agreeing that there could be a time squeeze later in the spring. We're off that week too, so this sounded like a good opportunity.</p>

<p>My D went to both the Campus Visit Day in February and also Admitted Students Day last year. If you are at all concerned about weather in the North East I can recommend the Campus Visit Day as it was a gloomy day, where students were definitely well ensconced in their classes so it was not a real frolic. D attended actual classes in addition to the forums that explained very well the Div I- III system as well as the heavy emphasis on writing and revisions for many academic classes. If you have not visited before, it may be a really good experience. There were both juniors as well as applied but not accepted seniors there. </p>

<p>The Admitted Student Day was also lots of fun, but much more rah, rah and the profs would give mini classes, seminars, presentations about a particular class or area of study. That was interesting (and funnily enough my D ended up having both profs as first semester teachers that she observed on Admitted Students Day- even though in choosing classes you don't know who teaches them when prioritizing your choices in the summer.)</p>