Hampshire College EA, submitted Dec 1--Has anyone heard back?

Hampshire College EA, submitted Dec 1–Has anyone heard back?

The notification date is Feb 15 (Thursday) but last year EA decisions were released two days early so it could be sooner tbh

Notification came around 3pm today (email with link to a decision posted in my admissions portal).

Does the college give more grants than 40k$? I had been accepted but my parents can not afford the rest of the bill. Do they accept financial appeals so it could be around 55k$ to make it affordable?. I would really love to study at hampshire as it is my no1 priority college right now!

@tomatopotato121 i believe you can appeal by calling the financial aid office (not 100% sure though) but they have a small endowment so i’m not sure they give very large grants. do you have a scholarship and/or work-study? both those things really brought up my financial aid along with hamp and federal grants

Did receive scholarship & work study grant. I’m not eligible for federal grants as I am an international student. Emailing them to review application once again as I can not afford it :frowning:

Applied EA as my ‘safe choice’.
Received a scholarship and work study grant too but it is still slightly too expensive for me. As an international, it’s hard to find affordability.

My son graduated 2-1/2 years ago from Hampshire. We found the Financial Aid office to be very approachable and they actually adjusted our son’s package when we appealed. I’d suggest you talk to them about it.

@tomatopotato121 Unfortunately financial aid for international students in limited, and as you aren’t eligible for federal student aid, I’m afraid the chances of getting more assistance are slim.