Hampshire College Fall '19 ED acceptances

After kiddo fell in love with Hampshire, we were tickled to get an offer in December, and devastated to hear from them on Tuesday that they may not allow students accepted ED to attend in the fall. Anyone else out there in this boat? Thoughts? Advice? Please, I beg of you, no gleeful commentary on how Hampshire ran itself into the ground or about the American flag, because that is not helpful. I’m looking to connect with some of the other 39 families in this same, terrifying situation.

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. That must be very stressful. Was your child able to apply to other schools on the list, or did you miss the deadlines bc you were all set? If you are looking for more schools that might be flexible with their deadlines, you might want to try the other Consortium schools.

https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/hampshire-college/ seems to have some active threads specific to Hampshire College.

You may want to contact Hampshire College and see if the student can be released from the commitment not to apply anywhere else, since the possibility that Hampshire College will not enroll any frosh this fall means that the student needs to consider applying to some other backup options (but other college deadlines are soon if they are not already passed). If so, also ask the other colleges where the student withdrew applications to reinstate them.

Wow. That’s devastating. I’m so sorry for you. I’m heartbroken about Hampshire.

It may not be very much of a help to say this but I think that Hampshire will have a freshman class. There’s something in its wording that made me believe that it’s giving fair warning to those who stay on board that things will change there.

That being said, finding other options maybe in order.

I found recently that Ursinus has a Feb 1 deadline still.

Here’s a list of other schools who have deadlines that still haven’t passed–

They reached out to us at 1:30 pm on January 15. We had pulled all the other applications to EA schools and not done any supplements for the 1/15 deadline because, well, we had an offer. So could only re-send the EA applications that we had sent on round one. The regular decision schools got applications, but they were incomplete. And honestly, it never occurred to me that they would try to have US honor OUR commitment when they’ve obviously broken their end of the bargain. Yikes. Something new to worry about.

I’m sorry for your anxiety.

There are still good schools accepting applications. In particular several midwest LACs like Lawrence and Beloit often don’t fill up. It would be really useful if Hampshire would identify some schools that will accept late applications from the 39, or just forward them the Hampshire application.

Finally, there are always good schools on the list that comes out shortly after May 1 of schools with openings.

I get it that this is bad, but it will be ok.

Also contact the regular application schools and ask to submit late. Under the circumstance I think they will let you.