Hampshire College Question: Outside Guests Staying Overnight

I’m a new freshman at Hampshire College this year and am thoroughly satisfied with everything except one thing. I just read in the handbook that you can only have guests stay overnight in your dorm room if they are on campus, and even then only 15 times a semester and for no more than a week at a time. Is this true? And do they not allow students from outside? I ask because I am looking to have my boyfriend come over, he lives nearby, but he doesn’t go to hampshire. Should I ask my floor supervisor about this or just resort to not alerting anyone and risk being caught doing something not allowed? Thanks!

I actually realize he is allowed, but no more than 15 times a semester. If I go over that will I be okay?

These sound like reasonable rules to me, designed to prevent non-students from ‘living’ in dorm rooms. Having said that, if your boyfriend is a good guest and doesn’t bother anyone, who is going to actually keep count of the number of days he stays in your room.

^^The roommate?

Are you in a single? If not, your roommate(s) may have a big issue with this.

Nearly all Hampshire rooms are singles.

If you’re in a single, I don’t think it even matters. In a double would be a totally different scenario.