Hampshire News

  • Hampshire College to Admit a Spring 2020 Class in January

“Hampshire College is now accepting applications for admission for its upcoming spring 2020 term that begins in January, returning to business as usual in admissions more than five months after it committed to remaining an independent College. Hampshire’s application is now live on the Common App for new and transfer students to apply to enroll in either fall or spring 2020, reinstating the College’s longstanding admissions practice of allowing students to begin or transfer in either semester.”

  • Hampshire’s Application is Now Live on the Common App for Spring and Fall 2020

"Prospective students can now

Apply for either spring or fall admission using the Common App

Join the admissions mailing list [https://explore.hampshire.edu/register/inquiry]

Schedule a campus visit [http://visit.hampshire.edu].

Hampshire’s spring admissions deadlines are

November 15 for domestic first-year and transfer students, and
November 1 for international first-year and transfer students

Its deadlines to apply for fall are

January 15 for early action, and
February 1 for regular decision"

  • The College is projecting its student enrollment will likely remain 700-800 for the next three years, a sustainable size compared with many small colleges nationwide. In four years, its goal is to have four full classes again and enrollment of over 1,000.

Did Hampshire College raise a significant amount of funds due to the publicity regarding the possibility of closing ?

July 15, 2019: “More of you gave this year than at any time in the College’s history (well over 4,600 donors). We brought in more than double what we usually raise for our operating budget. Where we normally raise about $2M, this year we’re over $5M. In addition, this year the College received commitments for another $4+ million in multi-year pledges. Earlier this year, Ken Burns 71F, chair of our campaign committee, asked the community to dig deep and stretch, and that’s just what happened. 45% of your donations this year were the largest ever.”