hampton or howard, "ghetto"?

<p>I am trying to decide between the two, I don't actually want to go to an hbcu but Id rather go to one than stay in my home state of texas just because I'd like to get out and have new experinces.. but which of these schools is more "ghetto"</p>

<p>Easy. Howard is more ghetto and always will be. Howard is located directly in the center of a ghetto while Hampton is located along the water. The students at Hampton tend to be more laid back and accepting while the students at Howard seem to be more concerned with how you dress. Either way both schools are considered to be the ivys of hbcu's so either college will undoubtly be a good choice.</p>

<p>well ive now visited both universities and can honestly say that they were not as bad as I had anticipated.. their differences fall in their settings where howard is just much more urban (and is in rough area so to speak) and hampton is right on the virginia coast... what I found is that howard's buildings inside seem to be more tolerable at least by my standards (hampton's building's inside made me feel uneasy im not use to such harsh and old classroom environments, as well as the dorms which are on princeton reviews list of worst dorms in the country, and i noticed that they tried to defer our attention away from them on the tour) while hampton has other things that appeal to me such as sailing and better outward campus asthetics but as it comes down to it i have chosen howard because it seems that I will be spending alot more time indoors than out.. and ive got to be comfortable! good luck at hampton! thanks for your feedback</p>

<p>lol @ Howard being in the "ghetto". If people only knew what a real ghetto was. Trust me, within the next ten yrs this neighborhood will be majority white, as a matter of fact of D.C. will me most white. Gentrification is alive and well around Howard.</p>

<p>Wow!! So, Paradox, are there no white ghettos? Don't limit you mind to your surroundings.</p>

@Dooglar, while white ghettos definitely exist, you won’t find $1M homes in them! The average price of the homes in the Howard U area is between $600-$1M…as was stated earlier gentrification is alive and well in Washington, DC! HU grads would be smart to purchase something close to the school, even if they have to “pool” their money to do it!

Looks like @Paradoxbychoice was a prophet! 10 years later and is premonition came to fruition!

Yes @Paradoxbychoice is most certainly a prophet. My daughter is attending Howard in the Fall and we’ve looked at property near the school. This is definitely no ghetto.