Hampton University Class of 2017

<p>Hello everyone! I'm starting this thread for future Hamptonians who know they want to call their alma mater 'Home By The Sea' and to all prospective students interested in being a part of yet another prestigious, well-cultured Hamptonians. So, everyone, post and lets connect with each other early!</p>

<p>Hi All…I got into Hampton but not sure if I want to attend…Does anyone have any thoughts about the school? </p>

<p>How about the dorms? I will be in the honors program…Do freshmans have to stay in the honors dorm? Are they decent? nice? old? smelly? Any thoughts on the school as a whole??? Any information would be helpful…I’m coming up on March 25th for a tour…</p>

<p>Does anyone know how to get a look into the residence hall? I read they don’t take you inside the halls during a tour…I live 12 hours away and really want to see the inside…Any suggestions?</p>

Question… Does Hampton have a flag team?