Hampton University Class of 22 Admissions

Update: I emailed them and they ended up calling my mother. They said they didn’t receive my essay, which they did, so they updated my portal and my application is finally under review.

@idontknow23 I am sorry that you went through this with Hampton, but I am glad to see that they are looking at your application now. You will get accepted and good luck to you as far as getting a financial aid package/scholarship that covers everything at Hampton. It’s the least they could do for your troubles:)

Hampton Class of 2022, it looks like the scholarship decisions have started to come out. Daughter just got 25K a year. She would have to accept by March 1st or the offer is null and void. Looks like we won’t get to visit Hampton before a decision has to be made.

@ChangeTheGame Thank you. Hopefully I can get a decision and financial aid in before the March 1st deadline. Congratulations to your daughter on receiving 25k a year. Hampton is a beautiful campus with wonderful programs. My visit there put it at the top of my list.

I rejected hampton’s acceptance. Too far and the incoming class from what i’ve seen in the group chat is not who i wanna associate with. There’s already drama between everyone and we didnt even graduate get


  1. Only a small fraction of the Class of '22 committed to Hampton is in that group chat
  2. I guarantee you most people in that group chat can’t afford Hampton and will likely go elsewhere
  3. Most people normally become more refined once they are at Hampton. They become “Hamptonized” which is a common term on campus.

But avoid group chats with a bunch of teenagers that you don’t know personally, it almost always get out of hand and messy.

I only joined the group chat because i wanted to walk into college with friends. My parents said no to Hampton anyways because of the distance. 6 hours away

Well,I’ve still yet to hear anything from Hampton regarding my application and I applied back in October. This is becoming frustrating and seeing the #HUTownHall on Twitter showed me this is nothing new and my frustration will continue if I were to go there.

@idontknow23 I have a feeling you will be finding out shortly. It is very hard to be patient when you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Please keep us updated.

Well I guess I got in. I received an email after my mother finally gave in and called them last week. They gave me all of my information about receiving awards and stuff. My portal was also updated to “Decision Made”. I haven’t received anything in the mail, but this is a step.

Congrats @idontknow23. Besides Hampton and Howard which I can tell are at the top of your list, are you waiting on any other schools, or are you done with admissions decisions/financial aid packages/scholarship offers?

I got accepted into all the schools I applied to (CAU, Fisk, Howard, Bethune Cookman, and Tuskegee) I haven’t received any financial aid packages from Howard, Tuskegee, and Hampton. Hampton sent me a financial aid award, which I’m hoping is separate from the scholarship offer because it was only $2000 a semester. Do you know if they send that separately?

Congrats @idontknow23 on all of your acceptances. I am not sure if that financial aid award is separate or not from a scholarship offer. My daughter got back her financial aid yesterday from Hampton and she received the 25K scholarship and about 17K in loans. I have heard of students getting better offers as some students choose other schools so don’t get down even if that was Hampton’s total non-loan award.

Any international applicants to Hampton with decision. I applied but am yet to be contacted.

My daughter received a 3 year scholarship to attend Howard University and the university did not accept her. Thankfully the scholarship is transferrable and she has been accepted to Hampton. In your opinion do you think one school is better than the other or just abut the same from a parents perspective? Thanks

@Mrwilliams I have family that have attended both Universities and I have been on both campuses and there are some differences between the 2. Hampton is a little more isolated but is a beautiful campus while Howard is in an urban area and has a different “vibe” (D.C. moves at a faster pace). One thing that Hampton does differently is that they will have freshmen on a curfew for part of their 1st semester, but they are trying to help new students adjust to college. But the Alumni that I know from both schools are successful upstanding citizens who are better people for going to those institutions. Congratulations to your daughter’s admission and scholarship to Hampton.