Hampton University Class of 22 Admissions

Has anyone received ther acceptance decisions yet? Post here. :)>-

Not yet. Portal doesn’t show any changes either!

There’s a portal? Never even knew there was one.

My daughter was just accepted in to Hampton. The admissions letter is dated December 12th and was received today. The letter also notes that any merit based scholarships will be mailed by Dec. 31st for eligible students.

I got accepted today <3

Congratulations. Is Hampton at the top of your list?

My top school was Howard, but I got waitlisted there. So far, this is the only acceptance I have. I’m going to wait for the others so we can make a choice.

Tishannax, take it from a parent who has visited a lot of HBCUs over the years that Hampton has as beautiful of a campus as you will find. And the school’s pretty good too (cousin who is an alumnus is a lawyer). Good luck with your school search.

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Okaaaaaayyyyyyy so, my portal has said that they didn’t have my essay since after the Nov 1st deadline. You have to submit the essay to submit the application AND I sent it via email with the signature page and everything else. They received everything but the essay. I applied before my friend and she got her acceptance letter yesterday. I’m not too worried. I was actually the opposite of you. I got into Howard last week and that’s my first choice but idk if I got the coins to go there and I was hoping Hampton would pull through. I got accepted in Fisk and Bethune Cookman is offering me a full ride but Howard is my number one. Im stressed. I’m just waiting on CAU and Tuskegee

and Hampton’s website said not to call or email, but they are playing with me

idontknow23, my daughter’s portal said the same thing but she filled out there standard of excellence application that was sent by e-mail from Hampton in late September. That was an application with a waived application fee and a waived essay requirement. Even though her portal shows that they don’t have her essay, she received an acceptance from Hampton on 12/16. Did you have to complete the essay, or could you have an decision on the way?

no my essay was completed. when is the very latest that we will receive information?

Anybody planning to join the Honors College? If not, look into it … trust me!

Does anyone know if they sent rejection/deferred letters out yet? I haven’t received anything and I’m getting anxious. I’d just like to know if I got in or not now.

Also, has anyone received their financial aid package from Hampton?

Also, I just checked my portal and it says that it was created on Nov 2. I applied before then, could that mean they pushed me back to regular decision?

@idontknow23 I was thinking that they may have pushed you back to regular decision, because of all of your other accolades (being offered a full ride and your other acceptances makes me think you would be accepted into Hampton). I would urge you to call since you applied before Nov. 1st and expected a decision weeks ago.

@ChangeTheGame I’ll take your advice. I put nothing past me when it comes to my luck, lol. I’ve treated each application with the same amount of anxiety and this one is the only one causing the most problems in my life. But, I applied and paid for my application before Nov 1st. Everything was sent in before the date. If I got pushed back, will that hurt my chances at a merit scholarship?

@idontknow23 Looking at the Hampton Website, applications that get automatic review for scholarships needed to be in by November 1st, but they also note that Hampton’s review for scholarships doesn’t actually begin until December. Below is the Hampton link for scholarship information below. Make sure you have any documentation that can prove the submission of you completed application before November 1st and good luck.


@ChangeTheGame thank you. I have proof via email that I submitted everything before Nov. 1st. They sent me a confirmation on Nov. 1st. Hopefully I am not penalized for emailing them even though the website says not to.