Hand Scoring

<p>I'm not sure how you guys would know this, but about how sensitive is the SAT scantron machine? I'm considering getting my answer sheet scored by hand because I did have to erase my answers a couple of times.. Unfortunately, the cost is like $50! Also, when they say they would refund, do they mean that if somehow the scantron machine overlooked a right answer, I would get a full refund? Has anyone had any experiences with hand scoring in the past?</p>

<p>Thanks so much! =)</p>

<p>No opinions? Please guys, I really need your input.</p>

I too have applied for hand scoring (Biology M ). If they find the machine overlooked something (missed to check a section), your money will be refunded. If it is some sort of bubbling error (like not filled the bubble properly or erased few times), the money would be applied for hand scoring service.
I am still waiting for revised score report. It would take atleast 5 weeks after you put in the request.</p>