Hand-Written Message on Andover Acceptance

<p>Did anybody else receive a hand-written letter from Mrs. Jane Fried (dean of admissions). The note is as follows:</p>

<p>Your application presented some of the most outstanding recommendations of the year. The committee believes that you are a wonderful match for Andover!</p>

<p>Does that mean they would truly like me to attend or is that a suck-up please attend our school generic thing? </p>

<p>Other Andover acceptancees please reply.</p>

<p>I got a handwritten postcard...did you get one too? or is that generic as well?</p>

<p>My applicant got did get a handwritten note as well, but it was specific to her.</p>

<p>So, maybe they did an individual note for everyone...a lot of work, but nice touch.</p>

<p>If you were accepted, that means they would truly like you to attend. They may also be sucking up...and maybe it's even generic...but there's one thing that's certain: they truly want you to attend.</p>

<p>The offer of admission is about the most objective, most telling indicator that they hope you matriculate. The other expressions are terrific but they served up a dessert and whether they put ice cream, a cherry or M&M's on top, you got a slice of cake and that's what matters.</p>

<p>D'Yer, you must have a list of metaphors for every situation. They're always appreciated.</p>

<p>I understand wanting to read the tea leaves about how interested the school is in you etc. But D'yer is right - the offer of admission is the best proof. I remember last year studying and comparing my daughter's admission letters, trying to ascertain which school really wanted her the MOST. Haha....I remember well the feeling that I wanted to entrust her into the care and environment of a school who really wanted her. Well, the personal handwritten touch is a recruiting endeavor - my husband does it as well with his college applicants - and the schools who offered admission WANT you. Now you admitted students just need to figure out for YOURSELVES what is the best fit. The school has already decided YOU are a fit for them...now it's up to you.</p>