Hands-on medicine summer program

<p>I have a gifted teen, 1st in her class of 504, 4.75 weighted/4.0 unweighted GPA looking for an inexpensive summer program for 2012. I'm a single parent so financially we would have a hard time coming up with tuition.</p>

<p>She did the summer@brown program this year (grandparents paid) and studied molecular biology, but would prefer to do something medicine related next year. Most of the internships and summer study programs she's found with stipends or scholarships involve lab work, which is great and she wants to do that, but she wants to work with actual tissues, cadavers, lab rats etc rather than slides and test tubes only. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>there's RSI, the Rockefeller University Science Outreach Program, etc.
plus, she can do internships under professors who work with cadavers, and most internships <em>pay</em> you.
there are more threads elsewhere which could probably help more than i did.</p>

<p>I just read this book called Get Your Summer Strategy On, and it talked a lot about different programs that actually pay students to come. For instance, in Texas, there's a program in Smithville (which is between Houston and Austin), run by MD Anderson and University of Texas. Kids stay at the research facility for 8 or 10 weeks - can't remember. They get paid over $1,000/month and get published. There were several other programs like that in the book, one in Arizona, if I remember correctly. It wasn't really up my kid's alley - more into engineering camps than research - so I didn't pay too much attention. You might want to check out the book. I got it on Kindle, and all the links work. I think you could probably do the same on an iPad or Nook.</p>

<p>Amazon.com:</a> Get Your Summer Strategy On!: eBook: Jessica Givens: Kindle Store</p>