Hanover info

<p>Any informed impressions/opinions etc of Hanover? It has been suggested for son who is considering small schools in the lower midwest and mid south. Comparisons with Depauw?</p>

<p>Hanover is quite beautiful, academically strong and a good second choice for those who would apply to Earlham but want a more physically attractive place to spend 4 years. Great financial aid for high-qual Indiana residents--in fact, I think all stellar Indiana students who want a good liberal arts education should apply here, because if the students demand more the faculty will give more. It's nowhere near as Greek-dominated as DePauw. DePauw is larger and much more socially conservative. Madison, IN is a sweet, pretty small town that is very isolated; if that bothers your son, DePauw is a quick 40-minute drive to Indianapolis.</p>