<p>Has anyone else applied?</p>

<p>I just got my acceptance today!</p>

<p>vegan, did you end up enrolling to Hanover?</p>

<p>I applied to 6-8 schools and my final decision came down to Hanover and Kalamazoo College.
I ended up deciding on Kalamazoo.</p>

<p>I liked Hanover a lot all through the application process though.</p>

<p>what were the factors involved in the decision and what tipped it to K? My recollection of K and H is that K has NO greek and H is big on greek on campus. That is only one contrast that I recall.</p>

<p>also - how do like your decision after a year or so 'in the bag'?</p>

<p>interested to hear these answers from a person (my d, not me!) who is about to whittle down a final decision.</p>

<p>I got a notification from Hanover stating that I was not offered an admission instantly as they could not provide that much financial assistance(i said that I would pay just 1500)...but i've been given an opportunity to appeal for admission if i could increase the funds.In fact, I am a "high need international student from Nepal and each dollar counts for me as 65 Nepali Rupees= 1 dollar...anyway, I want to get into Hanover and I want to know the minimum amount that I need to pay to assure my neing at Hanover?
pls help</p>