Hansee Hall?

<p>Got accepted to a single room on the 2nd foor of McKee in Hansee Hall. Can anyone tell me whether this is a good dorm to get accepted to or not? I like the private life, like to study a lot, and quiet 24/7, so I am sure it will fit me well.</p>

<p>Is this a hard dorm to get into? I was told I would never get a single room when applying as a transfer, yet I did. Fill me in with what you know! Thanks.</p>

<p>I'm a transfer and I also got a room on the second floor of hansee in Blaine! :) sweet.</p>

<p>Nice! Did you apply pretty early? I asked the office if I had any chance of getting a single and they told me pretty much no chance. Yet it looks like early transfer students did. I applied around July 4th.</p>

<p>I applied right after I was accepted so like June 15th-ish.</p>

<p>I definitely meant July...not June.</p>

<p>Ok not to be stupid but my mom was confusing me but I was right. It was June. Not July. I'm sure this time. :P</p>

<p>just so you know, Hansee is 24-7 quiet hours and completely singles, so if you're looking to meet people it's not for you. If you just want a quiet room to go to and don't care about meeting people in the dorms, you might like it.
oh, the main lobby is nice though. Looks like a 1910's hotel with the grand pianos and all.</p>

<p>hansee is very competitive to get in to so you got lucky.</p>

<p>Good to hear. Taking the anti-social out of account, is it one of the nicest dorms to live in, location, space and niceness in general?</p>

<p>well for me the dorm experience is by far the best part of living in the dorms, otherwise I'd live in a nearby apartment. But if that means nothing to you, the rooms are small as they're all single, the location is the northernmost dorm, so it's a good walk to red square/the fountain, and it's a few minute walk to Balmer (err Paccar) and the Quad, as well as right next to Denny Field.
Personally, I'm not a fan of the floors or the bathrooms...but the main lobby is nice...</p>