Happiness of Students

<p>Just how happy are the students at WuStl? I'm wondering why students are happier than another top school say Harvard. If anybody is familiar with WuStl or currently attends, listing out some points why people are happier at Washington than many other places would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>That is a very subjective question that is tough to judge. Many use the percentage returning as a measure, which is very high at Wash U (97% or something like that), but I am not sure that is a meaningful measure.</p>

<p>Princeton Review has a top 20 for happiest students, which Wash U does not make (neither does Harvard), but does make 7th on their "Quality of Life" list. </p>

<p>You might also try <a href="http://www.studentreview.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.studentreview.com&lt;/a>. Just keep in mind that anything you read there is based on 83 responses to their survey, which is low.</p>

<p>My guess is that almost everyone on this board is pretty happy there.</p>

<p>Can't compare WashU to other top schools, but I can tell you that my D is LOVING WashU. WashU just had the whole package that my D was looking for--D wanted campus life but didn't want a school that was in the "middle of nowhere", wanted a research university but also a school that was committed to the undergraduates, she wanted a school filled with bright, high achieving students who also know how to have fun,she wanted a school big enough so it didn't feel like high school but not so big that you feel like a number. When we did our college search, there really weren't alot of schools that fit the bill.
We come from a very competitive community in the northeast and D was a little nervous about going to school in the midwest, but is so happy she did. Like the other top schools, the kids are the best and the brightest and the professors are brilliant but the difference is that the environment is midwestern warm and supportive. You really feel that everyone cares about the kids and their welfare. What a wonderful environment for a young college student!!</p>

<p>Wash U's academic environment is less competitive and cutthroat, but no less challenging, than many other schools. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Also, the flexibility and choice of the academic system allows us students to study exactly what we wish to.</p>

<p>The University truly puts students first and pours tons of resources into this, resulting in tons of options and opportunities available. There are so many things happening every night of the week (visiting speakers, film series, academic discussions, club and social events, and so on) from academic to extracurricular to social. The wealth of choice makes it hard to balance life, but hey we can't complain.</p>

<p>Also, dorms and food are AMAZING. Seriously.</p>