Happy Birthday Contessa!!!

<p>Happy 17th Priya :-D</p>

<p>Everybody wish her a happy happy birthday!</p>

<p>feliz cumpleanos</p>

<p>s dnem rozhdeniya!</p>

<p>uhhh...sheng ri kuai le!</p>


<p>since we r all doing the international thing...</p>

<p>sanah halwa ya gamil!</p>



<p>omg! gracias danke mercie grazie erherhjerhoiejbhosjhshshh THANKYOU!
you people are the sweetest
espp <33333 GLORY!! here's to celebrating my 18th bday with her and all of you on campus!</p>

<p>HAppppy birthday priyayaaaa!!! <3</p>

<p>Buon compleanno! :D</p>

<p>lol "janamdin mubarak"</p>

<p>why in the world are people still posting?? It passed already like by days ago...weird...</p>

<p>"saeng-il chook ha heh!" - korean</p>

<p>second what scorpio said! "baar baar din ye aaye...baar baar din ye jaiye...tu jiye hazaron saal, ye meri hai aarzoo!"</p>

<p>heyy guys! indian pride!

<p>are you indian.. how was deepavali/diwali celebrations!?</p>

<p>happy birthday again ( i said it in korean earlier!) :)</p>

<p>oooh diwali is going well! party tomorrow haha</p>

<p>thats good :) cool coolies!
which part of NY do you live in contessa?</p>

<p>suffolk county, long island (55 min away from midtown by train)</p>