Happy, Happy, Happy Talk!

Let’s talk about things we like(d) to do…Let’s talk, Happy Talk!

Sigh, as I sit here, bored out of my mind, too hot to be outside, too fidgety to read, paint or anything else, my mind is drifting back to days gone by; to the place where I grew up, and when days were long, and summers were endless.

As I sit here, I am reminiscing on the long summers when I played in the street from sun up to sundown; we (the friends) would take turns being the teacher (this was in the days when we started the school day with rap over the knuckle from an obliging nun!) as we played ‘school’ in the street; we’d fling a rope over a lamp post and swing for hours; we’d go down to the docks and watch the cargo ships come in, and if we were really lucky, a sailor might fling us a coin. We didn’t go home until last light, and our mothers never had to worry about where we were.

Of course, it wasn’t all sun and roses, but that little trip down memory lane, brought a smile to my day!

Let’s hear your Happy Talk!

This doesn’t start out happy, but it has a happy ending!

My dad died in March, and for some reason I was talking to a friend about this cake I used to make him from this cookbook I had as a little girl but now can’t be found. She found it online while we were talking and sent me a PDF. OMG, it was a little piece of my childhood. I remember the artwork and the recipes so well. I am going to make my dad’s favorite cake tomorrow.

What kind of cake is it, @“Youdon’tsay”?

It’s called Quickie Cake. :slight_smile: This is from a kids’ cookbook put out by Imperial Sugar. It’s so simple that a 5yo could make it. I know because I was 5 when I started making it. I think I grew to love baking because my dad loved my baking. I definitely got my sweet tooth from him!

I posted this in the “tell me something good” thread (which seems pretty similar - maybe consider asking the mods to merge these 2 threads?) earlier today- its definitely happy news! :

Does anyone remember the poster @RADRailMom, who’s son fell out of a lofted bed in his frat house and had a brain injury (skull fracture and stroke)? Well, happy to report that 7 years later, he just graduated from the flagship tech university! Congratulations???

Thanks for sharing that @jym626! So happy for @RADRailMom and her son!!