Happy New Year

<p>Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!</p>

<p>Thanks, Happy New Year to you also. </p>

<p>Is it a sign that we are getting old becusse our priorities have shifted from an all night party to being clear headed enough the tackle the FAFSA on 1/1 with coffee and asprin at hand?</p>

<p>Sybbie, You made me laugh b/c it is so true. I reminded my DH that he will be focusing on the fafsa rather than football on New Year's Day. He figures it will just take 30 minutes. I have never filled it out, but have an idea that even though it is faster than the profile (heard it from the pros here), it will take a little longer. </p>

<p>It won't stop our celebration though!</p>


<p>And since there are LOTS of midnights for all of the CCers around the world, the party will last a loooooong time. Wait a minute, it's already tomorrow in some parts of the world....</p>

<p>dig - I've set the place up for you. Dusted the tables onto the floor and swept everything under the rug. I'll be there!</p>

<p>Wow, some party. Jmmom is already planning to meet dig under the rug.</p>

<p>Having just returned to chilly Boston from six days in the Bahamas with our kids, I'm still in the party mood (just make up some more of those delicious lollipop drinks!). But I've got to behave since I'll be expected to stand upright on New Year's Day since it's my birthday tomorrow. So, have a drink on me and cheers to all!</p>

<p>Little Mother, Were you a first born in your hospital or city? Happy Birthday!</p>

<p>Bassdad, LOLOL!</p>

<p>Happy New Year everyone!! May it be all you ever hoped for.</p>

<p>I, too, have been away and just got back and want to wish all my CC forum friends a wonderful new year that is filled with good news, fun times, and excellent health, and lots of fine new memories to be made. </p>

<p>Best to all....Susan</p>


<p>Thanks for your good wishes. I was born at 8:35 p.m. ET, so I was far from being the first baby of the year. In fact, I was a week late--expected on Christmas.</p>


<p>Happy New Year everybody. We're home with my son's New Year's Eve party. Just 15 kids from stage cast and crew (they're good kids!). I was sort of glad to have a really good excuse to not have to go to any parties. I'm a fuddy-dud! </p>

<p>Eldest son is in Times Square. I hope he's OK!</p>

<p>Me, me! But we invited our adult friends, too.</p>

<p>Hey weenie,</p>

<p>Happy New Year in your neck of the woods. There have been big snow flurries and rain since about 3pm in NYC. Bringing in the new year in times square promises to be wet and a little chilly. Hopefully hw will bundle up (This is just another parent talking, but hey do they listen to us?)</p>

<p>Happy New Year, good health to you and yours!</p>

<p>Northeastmom, while I wormed my way out of having to do the fafsa or css profile, I did sit second chair during the process. I think if you do the fafsa first you can then use that info for the profile. </p>

<p>Happy New Year everyone - see you in the Alley!</p>

<p>Happy New Year to all...and especially to fellow chaperones of the teenage set!</p>

<p>The party here is in full swing (we're 27 minutes shy of 2006 as I'm typing this)...interesting mix of kids...some college freshmen, some HS seniors & juniors...all good kids...guzzling pop (mostly coke & root beer, altho there's one lonely bottle of sparkling cider)...and the eating is mind-boggling...oreo's, chips a hoy, every bag of chips from our local grocery store (it seems), and peanut M&Ms in prodigious quantities...there are a good 40 kids sprawled all over our first floor...as far I can tell (I wander through at intervals refilling chip bowls) having a blast...definitely my preferred way to spend NYE...</p>

<p>May 2006 bring health, happiness, prosperity and lots of great college admission offers and experiences to all~</p>

<p>Happy New Year to all my CC friends! DD and a visiting friend whom she met at Governor's School this summer are at another GS friend's house for a party. I'm trying to stay awake until they get home, but fear I may have to hand the job over to hubby.</p>

<p>HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Little Mother! I have been celebrating mine for the past few days ... it was the 29th. My family and friends have been so nice ... helping me to milk it for all it's worth. I hope it's a great one for you!</p>

<p>Here's to 2006!</p>

<p>woo hoo! oh wait, it's only 9:39pm here. Anyway, sleep well all. Happy New Year.</p>

oh wait, it's only 9:39pm here

The beauty of celebrating 12/31 on the Left Coast. If you can make it to 9pm, when the ball drops in Times Square, you can feel as though you saw the New Year come in.</p>