Happy to answer Groton questions

There are a few Groton parents here, let us know if you have any questions.

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For eigth grade at Groton is there a chance to get off the waitlist. I was waitlisted for eighth grade btw.

Waitlist questions should generally be put on the wait-list thread, ideally after you have read it. Start here. This response pretty much covers it. Current parents and students have no special insight.

Offtopic conversations between members should go on the freakout thread, not here. I’ve deleted a few posts.

The general answer is yes, it is possible. It is also very unlikely. Accept a wait-list spot, but also accept a a spot to a school that admitted you, if applicable. Love the school that loves you back.


Hi how big is each year at Groton? The school website doesn’t breakdown the student number per year (eg g8, g9 etc). Thanks!


What’s the current state of the dress code ? as written it’s fairly formal but seems looser on campus ?

8th grade is 20-24 kids maybe?
9th is closer to 90 with each year after that adding 5-10.

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The dress code is definitely not at strict as how it’s written. Although it’s more strict for boys than it is for girls, I think that’s fairly typical.

Blue jeans are still not allowed but for girls anything else is fine. Leggings, spaghetti strap tops, lots of girls show their midriff, all no problem. Boys kind of stick to khakis and shirts or sweaters, not t shirts.

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Can you talk a little about the language requirement? Coming in with 1 year of a modern foreign language, is it two years of Latin (no Latin to date) and then finishing 3 years of the modern OR three years of Latin and dropping the modern language after 9th grade (ie at level 2).

Sorry. I’m not 100% sure about the language issue. They changed the requirement in the middle of Covid and then changed it back. So my son only had to take one year of Latin. This is a perfect revisit day question though!

I will say the Latin requirement wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be.

Thank you - a latin teacher clarified for me how’s it changed post Covid. Sounds like one year of Latin and 3 years of any language (Latin or something else) but most 3rd formers are not taking 2 languages which was my main concern.

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Do you have any advice on drop off — would you plan to stay in the area that day or is it not really needed ? Also sports pre seasons… what does the schedule look like during those days ? Finally club sports. The school says it is possible to continue club sports but I’m trying to figure out how / when there would possibly be a window to attend a practice elsewhere. Thank you ! BTW we are def going to Groton just still trying to figure out how it all works!

Drop off - last year due to Covid parents were not allowed in the dorms. Hopefully that changes next year! I’d say drop off is kind of a full day event for a lot of girls, maybe less intense for boys. My daughter who went to another school would spend a whole day, with my help, doing her room. My son is way less into what his room looks like.

Pre season is super fun so definitely go if you are invited. You’ll have practice twice a day and the. The rest of the time you’re just hanging out. People go swimming in the river, you might have pool time with your team.

Club sports. So it’s hard for me to answer this, once again because of Covid, but there are kids who do it. You will need to be the most organized and disciplined of all the students on campus. If you’re playing a varsity sport do not expect to also make club commitments in the same season. If your club sport is spring though you can do thirds tennis say and I believe you’d be excused for club commitments. I say “I believe” because my son hasn’t actually had a real club season while at Groton that wasn’t impacted by Covid or Groton’s Covid rules. But I know kids who did it as 8th graders and who are doing it this spring. If you (or your kid - not sure if you’re the parent or student) is obsessed with getting top grades it is going on to be stressful, I won’t lie about that. I think it’s been more stressful for my son because his club sport coach is unreasonable. He touts his private school kids but then punished them for missing things. If you are already a club star/have a great coach I imagine the stress is a lot less.

I should add I think there are parent events at drop off but not at pre season drop off. So if you’re going to pre season in the fall your parents might end up coming twice.

Thank you this is good context re the second drop off date. I am the parent. His club coach is not reasonable and we will potentially be looking for another club option closer to Groton.

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8th grade is actually 30 kids according to the website.

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Any idea how many are red shirts typically? Just curious

All the kids in my sons grade who were also 8th graders (whom he knows) were repeat 8th graders. He says you can tell because they are so immature. Still, despite repeating. At some schools I think the pg’s or repeats might be an issue for other kids. At Groton I don’t think it’s as big a deal.

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I applied as a repeat as well and got waitlisted.

any waitlist movement for groton yet


Hi, Would you please let me know when new students(8th grader) take placement tests like language and math before term starts? thanks in advance!