Happy to answer questions about Deerfield Academy!

I know you mean well, but….

  1. He should not talk to the teacher about it - maybe you should inform the HOS….Based on our experience at the school, I would not ask your student to be in that position IMO.
  2. Teachers at DA protect each other
  3. This incident does not surprise me
  4. Read the Boston Globe article from 1/19 on Better Dead Than Co-Ed

This is really really wrong. Not ok anywhere, any time. But it would be tough for any student, let alone a new student, to navigate addressing it. I don’t know how Deerfield deals with reporting of this nature, so I would defer to Deerfield parents who know what the right thing to do is. I try not to get involved with campus stuff, but that might be a thing I break my rule for and speak to an adult in authority about. The school should really want to nip that in the bud for its own sake, if nothing else.


I totally agree! I would not put my son in the position of confronting a teacher, but would follow up myself. And as the parent of a girl too, I would hope that SOMEONE would report it, that is absolutely not acceptable.

I found this article, it lists teachers on a committee that you or your son could possibly reach out to about the comment that he overheard.

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Please pm me about this situation

Thank you everyone for your input and responses. I appreciate it and will take into consideration.

Thank YOU for letting us know! Please PM me.

Thank you Anon this is helpful.

Issues related to this topic have been discussed in the student newspaper.

Progress check grades are posted! I was so curious to see how this first few weeks would go. English was lower than she ever has gotten but we were expecting that. And she has a good attitude about it and says she is learning a lot and her writing is improving. Happy to see her physics grade much higher than the typical Deerfield low A. But she said recently she has decided she really is a stem girl and finds physics really easy but others in her class seem to be struggling. Overall, pleased.


That’s great news :partying_face:

Which Physics is she in?

Don’t quote me on this but….it’s been our experience that mid-term grades tend to be lower in the Fall term. Maybe it’s the same at other schools. Good start for your kiddo!

My husband told me that too. He said that the teachers mark low to get the kids to work harder for finals.

My kids grades were definitely lower than at the previous school (although I haven’t been able to get my hands on any papers/assignments to read them to assess quality) but in the same ball park as most peers.
Apparently one of the English teachers told the entire class that she kept the last paper’s grade out of the mid term result because everyone’s mid-term grade would have gone down. Ouch.

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oh, and my kid got a 97 in one class and it was marked “met expectations”.

When I questioned kiddo on what you need to get ‘exceed expectations’, kiddo told me that a friend got 100 in that class and still got allocated ‘meet expectations’. So even perfection isn’t rewarded.

Mine has a 97 in one class and a meets expectations as well. I think it’s like a job review when you are new (at least my experiences at large corporations), where you can be doing an amazing job and you still get the meets expectations rank, because you are new and don’t know everything expected of you yet.

It turns out that I wasn’t reading the grade key correctly.

Effort in class is ranked: unsatisfactory, needs improvement, meets expectations
Learning objectives are ranked: falls short, meets, exceeds.

I was looking at ‘effort’ grades and wondering how to get ‘exceeds’ which apparently isn’t on the scale. You can clearly never give too much effort at DA!
No idea where the learning objectives are given, my kid didn’t get any. Or at least, I haven’t found those yet.

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That is pretty amazing that ANYONE got a 100 in a class - never have seen that before and find it hard to believe. A 97 is really excellent and very very few kids ever get that - was it in a math or science course?

The friend who got 100 was in a math class. Don’t know which kid, or which math class though.

Kid said that one of the freshman history classes had grades from 78-84. Ouch.

My kiddo had one teacher write some really nice comments. Nothing from the rest.

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